At Alexander Jones International, we help our clients attract, select, engage, develop and retain the best and brightest. Our underlying goal is to improve performance at every level, so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of each individual’s expertise.

Alexander Jones International positions itself somewhere in-between traditional consultancies and traditional recruitment agencies, with our main focus on the supply of consultants in our specialist areas to support Head of Practices with their projects and programmes.

We have achieved great success supplying into operational project teams, providing remote operation teams, or supplying full project teams. Leading organisations from SME’s to Multi-Nationals on a fully global basis are also coming to us when they need very specific resource becausewe can identify the right resource for the role and company very quickly from our extensive Networks and fair cost structure.

Alexander Jones international Limited adopts a two-pronged approached that has proven to be very successful in this and other similar market conditions globally.


We’ve built and maintained over the course of eight years an excellent associate network of contractors and several reliable country-specific databases of some of the best available consultants in our areas of specialism, with specific language skills and cultural awareness that look to us first for their next assignment.


We have consultants “good to go” in terms of relocating anywhere throughout the EMEA region for the duration of any project. Our contract support team will provide assistance with travel and accommodation arrangements and prepare them to be culturally aware locally. They will also ensure in advance of being onsite that residence and taxation requirements of each country or region as a contractor have been fully satisfied and complied with.

Our success is based on understanding our client’s specific need, matching those to the capability of the population of our database, then responding within set deadlines with an accurate and cost effective resource solution. Our aim is to contribute to the successful delivery of each and every project our consultants are involved with and present cost savings to our client and their end customers whichever is appropriate when staffing international project teams. The end result is a successful project delivery, ultimate satisfaction every time and repeat business for you.